Marand was born out of a deep desire to connect small workshops and their local artisans with women who appreciate their artistry the most. In an era of mass production, we embrace the craftsmanship, sustainability, and authentic touch that only local artisans can provide.
Just as many of our artisans have past down time-honored skills from generation to generation, we are proud to be an intergenerational company. Founded by a mother-daughter team who has never wanted to sacrifice quality for price, Marand is built on an admiration for well-made products—whether they’re from big brand names or not.
We believe in honoring the legacy and stories of small-batch artisans while making quality bags accessible to working women across the country. Our bags are handcrafted with high quality Italian leather, and the limited production means your bag is given the attention it needs to last through the years.

Thank you for supporting responsible creators.

Marissa Montfort & Andrei Sophia Montfort-Milla
Co-Founders, Marand




Why Wear Your Statement?

"We make all sorts of “statements”, consciously or subconsciously through the clothes and accessories we choose each day.

Every day is a new statement. New York chic? Casual street wear? Preppy? Bohemian? The choices are endless and no matter what our statement of the day will be, it is the statement we put out into the world the moment we step out of our house. It is a mirror of who we are at that very moment, a representation of how we want to be seen"


~ Andrei Sophia Montfort-Milla
Co-Founder, Marand