Our Artisans


Hanover, Germany

Diboni is a brand born from passion. In 2012, creator Gunnar Detto left corporate life to pursue his love of creating luxury bags. Starting slowly, he grew his skills and his product line with  meticulous attention, and today his bags are some of the highest quality products on the market.

We are proud to say that each Diboni product is manufactured in Germany. We appreciate the short distances, the close contact with our factory, and the care and precision with which our products are made. Sustainability is not a buzzword for us, we live it.

Our philosophy is to celebrate life, wherever we can.”


Roberta Gandolfi

Bologna, Italy

The third generation of women in their family committed to the craft of bag making, sisters Roberta and Silvia are the minds behind the Roberta Gandolfi brand. Roberta leads the design, blending generational knowledge with her own international flair to create sophisticated, hard-working bags.

“Nature delights me—the strength of the colour that’s revealed in a glimpse of sky, in the

shades of a petal, in the bark of a tree. I often find myself imagining how to wear that tone or

how to reproduce that pattern in the body of a tote, a bowling or a clutch bag. And then the

choice of leathers and materials becomes for me a sensorial experience.”

just to observe and let yourself be inspired.”

The designs incorporate nature-inspired textures and manual finishes for an heirloom-quality bag built to withstand the demands of everyday life.


Pelletteria Veneta

Veneto region, Italy

Pelletteria Veneta was our first featured artisan from Italy's northern Veneto region. Founded in 2007, Veneta SRL is a workshop that employs roughly 20 artisans. The Pelletteria Veneta brands creates modern leather goods with traditional production methods to ensure long-lasting designs.